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IMBI data download site

From here you can download data from the two ABI 3730 sequencers in the IMBI Sequencing Facility.  Please note that data is automatically copied from both ABI 3730 machines to this site only twice each day, due to the large amount of data involved. There might be a delay of several hours between the time your run is finished and the time the data is available here.  After you are logged in you will find all the available data inside the genotyper_data folder.  There are two subfolders (Machine_1_data and Machine_2_data) corresponding to data from the two 3730's. Only data in this folder is mirrored (copied daily) from each sequencer:


If you don't know the correct username/password, please contact Lawrence Washington in Myers 359.

Click here to browse your data: genotyper_data directories

If you want to download many files or folders, it's more efficient to make a direct connection to using either a Windows filesharing, Mac filesharing or SFTP connection.  If you have trouble making a windows filesharing connection to the server, try using SFTP instead.

Making a Windows filesharing connection to

  1. Open the Start menu and click "Run..."
  2. In the "Run" dialog that appears, type the following and press Enter or Return:


Please note the backslashes ( \\ ) above as they're necessary to establish a successful connection.  You'll be prompted for the username and password.  If this doesn't work, try a SFTP connection instead (see below).

Making a Macintosh filesharing connection to

  1. In the Finder, open the "Go" menu and select "Connect to Server..."
  2. A "Connect to Server" dialog box will appear. In the "Server address" field, type the following and press return:

You'll be prompted for the username and password.

Making a SFTP connection to

  1. If you don't have SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) software on your Mac or PC, download and install SFTP from IUWare. SFTP software is available from the 'Communications' category. Mac users can download MacSFTP while Windows users should download the Secure Shell software.
  2. Launch your SFTP software. In that software, open a connection to this address (i.e hostname):

You'll be prompted for the username and password. You may be prompted to accept an ssh key. Once you're logged in, your SFTP software should show you both remote (imbidata) and local (your computer) folders and allow you to download files and folders to your computer.

If you have other questions regarding this site or have problems accessing your data, please contact Biology Computing Support (biocomp at in Jordan Hall 240.